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When it comes to creative writing published on the web, brevity is the name of the game. Authors of creative writing stories online are braving new frontiers. The creative writing geniuses of today and tomorrow take risks with their prose, poetry and song lyrics. The openness of the web and its broadminded nature allows creative writers to experiment. E-Readers eat up the unique creations of best new fiction at a furious rate. Science fiction, mysteries, western literature, inspirational tales, music lyrics, song lyrics and creative poetry; the e-reader can’t get enough. The demand for creative writing stories online is greater than it has ever been. The need for more good quality writing is growing every day.

best new fiction
Creative writing stories online are being showcased on websites, blogs, mobile phone screens, Kindles and more. Good quality, engaging, brief, flash fiction is at the top of the desired list. Quick humorous short stories and poetry is the rage. Smart new e-writers are designing their work so short quotes can be Tweeted in order to take full advantage of the internet’s viral publicity methods like social media. The best new fiction authors of today can publish a new work in the morning and by dinner time millions of people have already shared it. The opportunities abound for creative writing artists.

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best new fiction
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